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Bayfront Health Brooksville strives to provide the best medical care possible to our patients. A vital part of that care begins in the patient registration department. 

Once your physician determines that you need hospitalization, he/she will arrange for your admission to our facility.

When you arrive, please go directly to the Admissions office located on the first floor just inside the Outpatient entrance. Please bring any paperwork that the physician may have given to you.

An admissions representative will ask questions regarding your insurance and medical history. You will be required to present an insurance identification card and one form of picture identification such as a driver’s license. It is very important that accurate patient information be obtained at registration.  This provides a strong foundation for the rest of your medical stay. The registration process will be conducted in a courteous, timely and professional manner. This is our opportunity to obtain your basic address, employment and insurance information.

We also take the time to advise patients of their rights, responsibilities and privacy expectations, as well as addressing the patient’s choices in disclosure of their healthcare information and advance directives. All patients are given an admission handbook containing all of this important information regarding your hospital stay and services that we provide. Please be sure to take time to review this information.

Upon admission, an identification band or bands that you will need to wear during your hospitalization will be placed on your arm by your nurse. This band enables the staff to coordinate the services you receive. If you have allergies to any substance, such as food, medicine, or latex, a red band will be placed on your wrist. Other bands, signifying other conditions may also be utilized. Please wear these bands at all times and do not remove them until after you are discharged.

What to Bring
You will need to bring only a few items such as bathrobe, slippers, pajamas or a nightgown (if you want to wear your own), toothbrush, toothpaste, and other toiletries. Please do not bring valuables or large amounts of money, as the hospital is not responsible for any personal belongings or money.

Admission for Surgery
Because each patient and each operation is different, your physician has a specific program outlined for you. You will receive special instructions about food, medication, anesthesia, and other aspects of your surgery. Before surgery, you will have the opportunity to meet with your anesthesiologist who will be an integral part of your care team. After your operation, you will be taken to the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), a special nursing unit for post-operative recovery. From the PACU, you may be taken to the Critical Care Unit, if you require closer, more intensive monitoring, to your hospital room, or discharged directly from the Same Day Surgical area.

Patients Admitted for Observation
Your physician may decide to admit you in order to observe the effects of short-term treatments or to administer tests and examinations. You will be assigned to a patient room or to a specific area of the hospital. A typical stay for observation is less than 24 hours, though it may be extended if needed. Patients admitted for observation have the same rights as those admitted for an inpatient stay, but, financial obligations for observation stays may vary according to insurance coverage and some medications, treatments and services provided may not be covered.

Financial Matters
The registrar will ask for any referral or authorization forms you may have been asked to bring. If you come to the hospital in an emergency, please have a family member come to the registration area with your insurance card, or a registrar will visit you at bedside and assist you in completing the required information.

Please be sure that your insurance pre-certification requirements have been met. Our registration staff will contact them, but it is the patient’s responsibility to be certain proper insurance procedures have been followed. Upon pre-registration or discharge, you will be asked for payment of the amount your insurance may not cover.  If needed, payment arrangements may be made with the financial counselor at discharge.

If you have medical insurance, an insurance verification specialist will confirm authorizations and/or primary care physician referrals (if required) to financially secure your admission. If you are non-insured or under-insured, a financial counselor will determine whether you are eligible for any assistance. If you are ineligible for hospital assistance, the financial counselor will discuss with you deposit requirements. If you are eligible, the financial counselor will discuss with you the amount of discount. If you appear to be eligible for the Florida Medicaid program, the financial counselor will refer you for assistance with the application process.

Advance directives
A living will or durable power of attorney for healthcare enable patients to give instructions regarding the treatment they would prefer if seriously ill. If you have a living will or durable power of attorney for healthcare, please give a copy to your nurse. The document will be included with your chart. If you did not receive information on advance directives at the time of admission, please ask your nurse for assistance. Florida regulations require all hospitals to ask and provide information regarding advance directives and living wills. Formulation of an advance directive or a living will is not required for treatment. You can download a copy of the advance directives form.

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