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  • Comprehensive treatment plans customized to meet individual needs and alleviate symptoms of arthritis.
  • Joint replacement expertise for knees, hips, elbows and shoulders.
  • Customized recovery plans to improve mobility, strength, flexibility, and endurance.
  • Treatments range from physical therapy and medications to minimally invasive, sophisticated surgical options.
  • Specialized sports medicine doctors, physical therapists and fitness professionals provide comprehensive care for sports injuries.
  • The latest treatment options for conditions that affect bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves.
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    Get trusted information about how your body's musculo-skeletal system functions, how to prevent sports injuries, and treatments for a variety of orthopedic conditions.

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    Basic Anatomy Is the head bone connected to the neck bone? Or, is the metatarsal connected to the tarsal? Find out by "boning up" on your basic anatomy.
    Orthopedic Tests and Procedures Your health care provider has a number of tools available to help diagnose and treat your orthopedic problem.
    Orthopedic Conditions and Disorders Head and shoulders, knees and toes - your skeleton and its supporting cast of ligaments, tendons, and muscles can face a range of conditions.
    Arthritis and Rheumatic Disorders Arthritis, which causes pain, inflammation and limited movement of joints, has several different forms.
    Osteoporosis Osteoporosis thins and weakens bones to the point where they break easily. Chances are you know someone with osteoporosis; it affects millions.
    Fractures When you break a bone, you may need a cast or crutches to help you heal. Sometimes a break is a sign of a more serious problem.
    Sports Injuries Even if you're in good shape, an exercise-related injury can strike when you least expect it.
    Preventing Injuries at Work Repeating a particular motion constantly, like using a computer mouse, can cause damage to tendons, muscles, and joints.
    Orthopedic Conditions and Children Certain orthopedic conditions are present at birth or develop during childhood. Here's a look at some of the more common ones.

    Joint Camp

    Our Joint Camp is available for individuals who have decided to have hip or knee replacement surgery. This program is designed to help patients achieve a successful recovery by preparing patients for surgery and helping them understand what to expect following surgery. During our one-hour Joint Camp, patients and their caregiver learn about their procedure, receive instructions for post-operative exercises, and education about the recovery and going home process. Each participate is encouraged to bring a caregiver/support person to Joint Camp.

    There is no cost to participate and a complimentary lunch is provided. In addition, each participant takes home a binder containing helpful information and tips to speed and ease the healing process.

    Our Joint Camp meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 12 noon - 1 p.m. and rotates monthly between Brooksville and Spring Hill hospitals. For information and online registration, please visit the events section of this website or call (352) 544-6014.

    Restoring movement without pain.

    Discomfort from bone pain, joint pain or an orthopedic injury can go beyond uncomfortable to debilitating—limiting your range of motion and keeping you from daily activities. Bayfront Health orthopedic departments have been recognized by multiple accrediting bodies, and our specialists use the most advanced treatments and technology available to care for:

    • Orthopedic surgeries, including total hip and knee replacement surgeries
    • Outpatient sports medicine conditions
    • Orthopedic trauma care, spine care and bone diseases
    • Orthopedic rehabilitation and physical therapy
    • Arthritis, joint disease and back and neck pain
    • Medications and pain management therapies

    Orthopedic services are available at all Bayfront Health hospital locations.


    Are You Living With Knee Pain?

    Osteoarthritis shouldn't keep you from doing the things you love. 

    MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing is an innovative treatment option for adults living with early to mid-stage osteoarthritis (OA) that has not progressed to all three compartments of the knee.  It is designed to relieve the pain caused by joint degeneration and potentially offers improved surgical outcomes, less implant wear and loosening, smaller incision, less scarring, reduced blood loss, a minimal hospital stay and a rapid recovery.  To find out if you are a candidate for this robotic procedure, attend one of our free MAKO seminars or speak to one of our orthopedic surgeons about MAKOplasty®.

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