Hernando Healthcare celebrates and relies upon diversity. Each of our team members brings unique elements while carrying with them a common goal - providing exceptional patient care.

As we continue to grow, our Associates, physicians, and patients become increasingly diverse. As such, we continually strive to enhance our own culture to encourage people of all backgrounds to join us, allowing us to more effectively recruit, train, and retain the skills of quality Associates throughout our company. A definition of diversity is "a combination of individuals who are similar in some ways and different in others." In most cases, people tend to generally associate diversity with broad characteristics that are easily identified such as race, ethnicity, or gender.

At Hernando Healthcare, diversity means much more. Diversity applies to education, cultural heritage, traditions, personal values, marital status, and virtually any other difference that can be recognized between individuals. With such a philosophy, we consider diversity to be one of the most beneficial elements to providing the exceptional patient care that we strive for.